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The Story Begins

Loud music is pounding away in the dark of the trees. A small group of people are slowly picking their way through the woods following a glowing ball of mist as it drifted between the trees and over the small rises. As they toped the a rise the music got noticeably louder and they could see the top of the fire roaring over the next hill.  They began to make the final approach to the party of a lifetime.

At that time dozens of other groups were being led to the same place by identical guides. In each group one person had a clear pendent on a tight choker chain. The formerly clear stones was starting to turn a milky blue and give off a faint glow the closer to the clearing the people came.

In this group the "leader" with the guiding stone was a nicely stacked girl dressed to kill. She was in tight black jeans, a black low cut tank top with gray paint splashes near the bottom that barely reached her navel. In contrast to everyone else in the group, who wore beat up and worn out clothes, she had tall high heels and was having lots of trouble navigating the terrain. 

The two other girls in the group who had been shooting her glares all night were almost out of ear shot when one said to the other, "I see that she thought her clothes weren't going to get her enough attention, she had to bring a glowing necklace also."

The girl heard this and looked down at the guiding pendent and screamed.  She began to pull and tear at it trying vainly to remove it.  The seven guys in the group with them groaned and started over to calm her down.  She grabbed onto the piece and pulled, instead of breaking the metal stretched, but not enough to get it off her neck.


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